Welcome to the Centreon Demonstration Platform

You will learn how the software can respond to your everyday network, server and application monitoring.
Centreon has an Access Control List, here are 5 profile examples designed for understanding how Centreon works.





Operation user profile: He only sees real time monitoring for all resources and has restricted configuration rights.

Centreon Access

Database user profile: His rights are focused on Database resources.

Centreon Access

CIO user profile: His rights are focused on top level information and reporting.

Centreon Access

Management user profile: He can manage advanced configuration, server performance, system restarts.

Centreon Access

Administrator user profile: He can navigate within Centreon with full access on different screens.

Centreon Access

Centreon Area


Operation user login: user-operation/centreon

Database user login: user-database/centreon

CIO user login: user-cio/centreon

Management user login: user-management/centreon

Administrator user login: admin/centreon

For security reasons, admin users do not have full access on this demonstration platform. Some pages such as access lists or commands configuration are disabled.

 Centreon MAP Area


Once the Centreon Map client started, create a server named ‘demo’ with http://demo.centreon.com/centreon/ as URL.

Then assocate it with the desired login and password listed below:

Views Admin access Viewer access Real time actions
 Business Activities  -  admin, user-cio  -
Database Oracle  -  admin, user-database, user-operation user-database, user-operation
Datacenter – Sites views  -  admin, user-operation, user-cio  user-operation
Global company infrastructure  -  admin, user-operation  user-operation
Offices – World view  -  admin, user-cio, user-operation  user-operation
Web Applications  -  admin, user-cio, user-database, user-operation  user-database, user-operation
TEST MAP 1  All users All users All users
 TEST MAP 2 All users All users All users
 TEST MAP 3 All users All users All users