Monitoring peace of mind

Because your monitoring should never let you down, Centreon TechSupport (CTS) gets right to the heart of the problem with almost 300,000 man-hours in combined experience for prompt user assistance and faster problem-resolution. (The CTS response record has been 20 minutes on average, compared to the industry average of 90 minutes).

Whether it’s run-of-the mill user advice, fixing software anomalies or treating service disruptions, CTS has gained a solid reputation for enterprise-grade support with its efficient, no-frills approach.


5 key reasons to rely on Centreon TechSupport (CTS)

  • Don’t ONLY minimize service interruptions. CTS works in tandem with Centreon R&D and consulting colleagues to correct software malfunctions as much as guide on usage or maintenance; not just resolve IT service disruptions.
  • Proven enterprise-level responsiveness and efficiency. The CTS record for responding to unplanned incidents has been 20 minutes on average, way faster than the industry average of 90 minutes.
  • Instantaneous advice and remote intervention management. CTS is setup to handle everything from a distance to save time.
  • Complementary direct and indirect channels. Talk to our support specialists in person during a regular workday (CET time zone) or use our 24/7 online support to access tips and tricks, followup queries or regular updates on critical bug fixes and security flaws.
  • No-frills support for different business-critical needs. Choose from three (3) simple plans that get straight to the essentials of supporting internal IT teams regardless of size and operational scale.

Centreon TechSupport annual plans to choose & build on.

Bronze (*)

4 support tickets

Best for savvy IT pros with single or smaller infrastructures

€ Excl. Tax 1,750 / year

Silver (*)

12 support tickets

Best for frugal IT teams of multi-site enterprise who want fallback support they can count on.

€ Excl. Tax 3,500 / year

Platinum (*)

Unlimited support tickets

Best for mission-critical ITOMs with multi-sites that count on optimal IT uptime for business operations.

€ Excl. Tax 4,400 / year

CTS Zen Option (**)

Only for blocking incident, night, WE and public holidays. IT monitoring service continuity 365/24/7 for mission-critical ITOMs with multi-sites that count on optimal IT uptime for business operations.

Price upon request

(*) All plans cover support and updates for ONE Centreon instance: 1 web server, 1 DBMS server, and up to 15,000 services on 1-3 pollers for Bronze and Silver plans.  The Platinum plan covers 5,000 services on 1 poller with bracket rates applying to added pollers or services.  Different web, DBMS and polling functions can be pooled in a single server.

(**) The CTS Zen option is dedicated to clients who already subscribed to a Platinium support plan and Centreon ProServices for their software maintenance. The CTS Zen Option covers clients in European countries.