Our expert team offers targeted training aimed at exploring the operation and configuration of the Centreon tools. Training is adapted to the different profiles normally involved in a supervision project.

Training is carried out by consultants who have real field experience and therefore are aware of the problems faced by your teams.

Centreon is a network, system and applications supervision tool. Flexible and extremely complete, it is a tool with multiple features requiring a study phase to use it fully.

Architecture, configuration, choice of collection methods and notification mechanisms. Mastery of the tool must be carried out step-by-step.

Creation of views, user access permissions, operation. Providing the tool for your teams requires a good understanding of the information available.

Administration and maintenance. Ensure the daily monitoring of software that is key for your information system.

Centreon offers a whole range of training courses dedicated to Open Source Centreon network supervision.

Monitoring methodology and administration

Duration : 3 + 2 days

This training prepares you for 101 certification

Goal : Explore the Centreon software. Implement monitoring points on heterogeneous targeted resources. Create a library of supervision models. Be capable of administering and maintaining the Centreon monitoring platform under operational conditions. Manage the installation of new collection servers, optimize and adjust the engine’s operating points.

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Centreon MBI Deployment and Administration

Duration : 2 days

Goal:Know how to setup the Centreon MBI platform and make effective use of the produced report bundle.

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Create and exploit reports with Centreon MBI

Duration : 4 days

Goal:To master the BIRT reporting tool, exploit the data resulting from Centreon, create custom reports with BIRT and incorporate them into Centreon.

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