This initiation course is structured as a two-part series aimed at all users of Centreon MBI.
Part one covers how to make use of availability and capacity reports, explaining their contents, as well as illustrating the “planned mode” or “on-demand” publication feature.
Part two covers all the configurations and settings required to administrate Centreon MBI.


Know how to setup the Centreon MBI platform and make effective use of the produced report bundle



Projets managers, Operators, Operations managers

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Knowledge of Centreon


Duration: 2 days
Intra and intercompany training options available
Available in French and English


Part I: Deployment

  • Introduction to the main issues related to the IT infrastructure management
  • Infrastructure availability reports using Centreon MBI & capacity management control using Centreon MBI
  • Workshop:
    • Selecting KPIs
    • Configuring Centreon
    • Analyzing and interpreting produced reports
  • Using the “interactive viewer” feature in
    Centreon Web
  • Introduction to Business application reports
    using Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI

Part II: Administration

  • Software architecture of the MBI platform
  • ETL administration:
  • Statistic calculation rules and regulations
    • Data warehouse retention control
    • Administration of the report-generation engine
  • Access Control List (ACL) handling
  • Publication report regulation
  • Workshops applying these solutions to real production situations