This training course tackles the exploitation of availability and performance data
collected by supervision in order to generate reports using Centreon MBI.

Training is divided into two parts:
The first, BIRT Report Designer, lets you master the BIRT tool: create reports with data from SGBD, manipulate graphs, format the report, and use templates and libraries.
The second part, “Centreon MBI”, lets you exploit all the strengths of this module:
creation of inventory reports on Centreon, creation of availability and performance reports, creation of supervision operating reports, use of shared libraries to simplify the manipulation of databases and deployment on the reporting server.


Objectifs :
Master the BIRT reporting tool, exploit the data resulting from Centreon, create custom reports with BIRT and incorporate them into Centreon.


Public :

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Prérequis :
Basics of SQL and scripting. Knowledge of Centreon.


Durée : 4 jours
Intra and intercompany training options available
Available in French and English


First Part : BIRT Report Designer

  • BIRT Report Designer overview
  • Creating a simple listing report
  • Formatting a report
  • Sorting, grouping and aggregating data
  • Using parameters
  • Writing expressions
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Joining data sets
  • Using sub reports
  • Creating cross tabs
  • Creating charts
  • Designing a multi pages report
  • Designing master pages
  • Creating and using libraries
  • Creating and using templates

Second part : Centreon MBI

  • Reminder: Centreon main objects
  • Centreon MBI web interface
  • Development best practices
  • Integrate logos into your report
  • Integrate report to Centreon MBI
  • Report development
  • Centreon MBI Architecture & ETL
  • Centreon MBI Administration